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Why We Do It

A pediatric cancer diagnosis has a beginning, and a middle, but no end as life is forever altered. For families facing this crisis, the needs are immediate and span beyond the initial days of diagnosis and treatment. Families need support as they journey to heal their child but are often left depleted emotionally and financially. The toll that childhood cancer treatment takes on the entire family is a burden that is unimaginable. We strive to be a part of their village and support them in any way we are able during treatment, recovery, and beyond.

We find gaps of care that exist and partner with families and support organizations to fill in any gaps that we can. Whether it's helping with financial burdens so a family can focus on their child and family, or survivorship challenges that they may face, we work to identify ways to support them and ease the burdens that come with this fight.  With every gift, we want to be a light, a ray of hope, and a rainbow in their darkest time.  Through our families journey, inspired by Charlotte and our own amazing village, we are so honored to help other families facing this road in any way that we are able.

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