What We Do

Be The Rainbow Foundation is currently beginning fundraising efforts and working to partner with established organizations in order to identify families we can partner with. We will work with both the families and existing support organizations to provide any assistance, alleviating the financial and emotional burdens a family may be experiencing. Because of your generous donations, we will be able to help fund programs and offer direct support to families in dire need. Ways we have been able to help include:


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Doctor Talking to Boy in Wheelchair

Direct Family Support

Identifying families in need through hospital social services. So far we have been able to provide families assistance with lodging, food/meals during treatment, and specialty care items (such as collapsible wagons and caregiver sleep kits and air mattresses for hospital stays). We have also begun a Monthly Caregiver meal program to Duke Children's Hospital. 

Team Talk

Partner With Existing Organizations

Find ways to work with existing family support service organizations. Areas of need identified so far include travel expenses and lodging, meal assistance, grants for bill assistance, survivorship needs, specialty gifts identified by families

Image by National Cancer Institute

Fundraise to Support Childhood Cancer Programs

Raise funds to assist families in need during childhood cancer diagnosis, treatment, and post treatment (survivorship). Our mission includes supporting existing family support organizations in their work.

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Raise Awareness & Family Advocacy

Discover ways to advocate for families in these unimaginable situations and raise awareness so that improved funding for research can occur.